Body & Facial Waxing

Enjoy Silky Smooth Skin & Professional Treatment

Waxing has been around for decades. It's safe, convenient, and effective. You'll love the smoothness that comes with waxing. Shaving is a pain, it doesn't last, leaving you with scratchy stubble, and you must shave again to stay smooth. If you're tired of that, waxing is the answer! You can wax virtually every area of your body, and the process leaves you very smooth for weeks, not days. Since hair is removed at the root, there is no stubble. Whether you are male or female, waxing is the cleanest and longest-lasting method of hair removal. A special resin-based wax helps remove hair for weeks, keeping skin soft and smooth.

Waxing can be done on arms, legs, arm pits, bikini line, back, stomach, chest, and on face too.

What are the advantages of waxing?

  • Removes hair from the root.
  • It leaves a silky and a smooth skin.
  • Removes dead skin cells.
  • Re-growing hair are softer and sparse, hence hair removal is easier each time.
  • Very fast for hair removal from larger body parts.

We recommend waxing every 4 to 6 weeks to stay silky smooth.

Body Waxing

Women's Full Body Wax


Full Leg Wax


Half Leg Wax


Bikini Wax - Women Only


Brazilian Wax - Women Only

Starting at $75

Underarm Wax


Men's Back Wax


Chest Wax


Mens's Half Body Wax


Nose Wax


Ear Wax


Facial Waxing

Face Wax


Eyebrow Wax


Eyebrow Waxing/Hair Removal


Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Waxing Tips

For the best outcome, read our waxing do's and don'ts.

Waxing Do's

  • DO use a sun block after waxing if exposing skin to sun within 24 hrs to avoid hyper-pigmentation.
  • DO leave plenty of time before “Special Occasions” to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, breakouts, illness, etc.
  • DO make us aware if using Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Glycolic Acid, Renova, Salicylic Acid, Avage, Apricot Scrub, Neutrogena Scrub, Avita, Strivectin, Tazorac, Pro-Active, Benzoyl Peroxide, or any other topical or oral medications that may effect the outcome of a waxing treatment.
  • DO make us aware if you have had any problems with your waxing treatments in the past.

Waxing Don'ts

  • DON'T apply moisturizer beforehand.
  • DON'T expose newly waxed areas to the sun, hot tubs, sauna, suntan booths or extreme heat for 24 hours—some skin cells have been pulled off in the process and the area is vulnerable.
  • DON'T apply deodorant to newly waxed underarms or use products containing alcohol after facial waxing.
  • DON'T use any facial scrubs or abrasives for 1 week prior to waxing.
  • DON'T wax during Accutane treatment or 6 months after.
  • DON'T wax after a Laser Resurfacing or Chemical Peel.
  • DON'T touch a newly waxed area if hands are not clean.
  • DON'T workout after waxing (unless prior positive experience).
  • DON'T use heavily perfumed or thick lotions in bikini area—may cause ingrown hairs or irritate skin.

Beautiful Eyebrows Start with Professional Shaping

Do your eyesbrows need a makeover? If you don't love your eyebrows... it's time for a makeover.

professionally shaped eyebrow

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and enhance the natural beauty of your face. Eybrow shaping is the easiest way to create a beautiful frame for your eyes and well-groomed brows pull together your entire appearance.

We at Salon 37027 understand that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all for truly beautiful eyebrows. Facial shape and structure dictate the perfect design. Everyone is unique, and so are eyebrows, so call today for a brow shaping appointment!