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Acrylic Nails

Tips with Acrylic Overlay


Full set of nail tips overlayed with acrylic, shaped and polished.

Acrylic Overlay


Protects and strengthens your natural nails.

Forever French Acrylic Fill-Ins


A two-tone acrylic French manicure using pink for the nail bed and white for the tips. We were the first to introduce "Forever French" (also known as Permanent French) acrylic nails and they are now one of Nashville's most popular innovations.

Acrylic Fill-Ins


Maintenance fill-in of acrylic nails, shaped and polished or buffed.

Gel Overlays - Shellac and OPI Axxium


Say good-bye to nicks, chips and smudges. ZERO dry time, with a mirror finish that lasts for 2 weeeks. Comes off in minutes. A variety of colors to choose from.

Nail Art


Whether you're in the mood for a little whimsy, a bit of sparkle, or if you want to add a dash of holiday spirit, Sanom is an expert Nail Artist. Fingers and toes!


Basic Manicure


Parafin wax or warm towel treatment

French Manicure


A two-toned polished, a natural look using white polish for the tip and either pink or beige for the rest of the nail.

American Manicure


A more natural-looking version of the French Manicure.

Sports Manicure


Buff only.

Child's Manicure


Nail Repair or Polish Change



Spa Pedicure


Relax while your feet soak in a warm bubble bath of Sea Rocks Aromatherapy foot treatment. Rough spots and calluses are then gently removed by hand with AHA Sea Scrub and Sea Serum exfoliating agents. Marine Aromatherapy mask is applied to soften and moisturize your feet. Cuticles are expertly removed and your toenails are professionally trimmed, filed and buffed. This is followed by a relaxing massage to your feet and legs as you luxuriate in our special massage chair. Lastly you can choose a Paraffin Wax Treatment to seal in the moisture or a Hot Towel wrap.

American Pedicure


A relaxing soak in a warm bubble bath is followed with a sloughing lotion foot rubdown that gently removes rough skin and calluses. Cuticles are expertly removed and your toenails are professionally trimmed, filed and buffed while you luxuriate in our special massage chair, followed by a professional polish of your choice.