Nail Care & Design by Sanom

Complete Nail Care for Perfect Hands and Feet

Nothing is more attractive than well-manicured hands and feet. Let us pamper your nails with a professional manicure and pedicure.

At Salon 37027, we provide you with top notch service at affordable prices. With over 20 years of experience in the nail care industry, we understand the needs of each individual and we do our best to make your experience pleasurable & comfortable. We offer creative nail salon services designed to help you create the look you want.

Founder Sanom Brackin Poss is a national award winning technician in nail sculpture, tips, gels, and overlays.

Unique Nail Art

Want to make your nails a work of art? Sanom can create unique designs to match your taste. Try her signature Burberry plaid on your toes, or try her “Forever French” manicure innovation.

We care about your health

Our equipment is always clean, sterilized and sanitized for your safety. We provide personal nail kits for each individual client and by doing such, we prevent the possibility of bacteria transfer at all times. Implements for each client are kept in individual boxes, labeled with their names, so no tools are ever used on more than one client.

We Offer The Latest Trends

Sanom uses only top quality products and offers some of the latest trends in nail care and nail art, including:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you lose, break or chip a nail less than 2 weeks after your appointment, Sanom will gladly repair or replace it free of charge.